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Mansi Jawrani

(International English Trainer , Ph.D. Scholar , Public Speaker , Motivational Speaker, Youtuber .)

Mansi Jawrani, an International English Trainer , a widely read Ph.D. Scholar , Personality development coach , a motivational speaker and a Youtuber started Finland Academy with the belief to bring about quality teaching and training in the country. Her childhood dream of establishing an educational temple that notonly works in developing language skills in the students but an intellectually secure place that works on bringing about complete metamorphosis in the lives of the students. Her insurmountable energy to overcome all barriers, her wide passion for learning and reading , her swagger , millennial attitude has made her a truepenny among the students and learners.

Her drive to seek the unconventional , her passion to decode public speaking fear has made her a complete droolworthy among the learners. Her passion to create , be it video creation , creative ideas or her massive Public speaking courses has made Finland Academy , the favorite learning space in the country where students not only prepare English for various competitive exams but also drive out their Public Speaking fears which may become their worst hurdles in life. Her true inspiration are her parents who motivated her to cross every hurdle with courage. A firm, millennial spiritualist , she believes , ‘She is unstoppable’ and that no one can come in her way because her Lord is always by her side.