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Finland Academy

Hello People! I am Finland Academy, the place where students are motivated for 24*7. I am not an institute with four walls and a blackboard where people come , enroll themselves and finish their program. I am a place that encapsulates its students hearts and minds. My highly experienced motivated yet humble International and Ph.D. faculty is the diamond feather on my cap. I am a proud institute because unlike any other institute , I have excessively qualified expertise for the courses it offers.

The truth is simple. My Head Trainer Ma'am Mansi is not only an International English trainer certified by Canada and U.K. but also a widely read Ph.D. Scholar in English. Yeah! another pearl on my cap.

I am extremely proud of our M.A English entrance results of our students which would not have been possible without personalized training by my extraordinary hard working Ph.D. Faculty for whom ‘MORE IS LESS’.

My UPSC/IAS Mains English Literature course program is another diamond feather on my cap. You look around. Well, there is virtually no training available for Optional English Literature in the entire country. My well equipped, expert Ph.D. faculty’s exclusive flagship course may help even a student with no literature background.

Our Public Speaking and IELTS courses are designed by our Head Faculty trainer Ma’am Mansi who believes in changing the world through her magnetic ideas in teaching and training.

You must be tired at my persuasive ability to talk at such a small age, but they say- “ It always looks impossible , until it is done.” My ability to improvise each day has made me the first choice of the learners who seek to rise and shine in the world around.