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 Finland Academy is the only Institute with the International English Trainer as the Head faculty that not only provides quality teaching and training but also pays individual attention to each student. Want to score 8+ Band on your IELTS Exam? Excellent! You are at the right place.

What is IELTS?
IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. It is the most popular and widely recognized assessment test of English Language proficiency for people who want to study or work in an English-speaking country like the UK, Australia, Canada, and the USA, etc. The IELTS exam is jointly owned, managed and administered by & The University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations (Cambridge ESOL &British Council & IELTS Australia The IELTS test was introduced in the year 1989 to assess “whether candidates are ready to be trained in the medium of English in an English-speaking country”. IELTS is now accepted as evidence of a prospective student’s level of English by most universities in English speaking countries.  IELTS is the most popular high stakes English language proficiency test around the globe and more than 2.5 million candidates take part in the IELTS examination each year on an average. IELTS test is available in two formats – Academic and General Training.
» Academic Module is suitable for those who are going to apply for further studies and professional registration.
» General Training Module is appropriate for those who are going to English-speaking countries to complete work experience and training programs or for immigration purposes.
The IELTS test has 4 parts:
Writing Task 2, Listening and Speaking are the same for both IELTS Academic and IELTS general.
Writing task 2 is an essay. You will be given an essay question to answer in 40 minutes by writing at least 250 words.
In the Listening test, you will hear 4 audio recordings and have to answer 40 questions. It lasts between 30-40 minutes. In the Speaking test, you will be interviewed by an examiner. This test includes 3 parts: the interview, the short presentation, and the discussion. It last between 11-14 minutes. The only difference between the two tests in Writing Task 1 and Reading. So, how are they different? Let’s start off with writing task 1 and then move onto the reading.
IELTS Academic or IELTS General: Writing Task 1
Describe and analyze data in one of the following:
Ø  Bar chart
Ø  Line graph
Ø  Pie chart
Ø  Table
Ø  Diagram
Write a letter in one of the following styles:
Ø  Formal (to someone you do not know)
Ø  Semi-formal (to someone you know formally)
Ø  Informal (to friend or family)
You get 20 minutes to complete both of these tasks and must write at least 150 words for each.
IELTS Academic or IELTS General: Reading
Ø  3 long passages increasing in difficulty
Ø  Academic style texts (journal articles, textbook extracts)
Ø  Texts related to academic topics such as science, history, sociology
Ø  4 short passages increasing in length and difficulty
Ø  More general /everyday style texts
Ø  Texts related to social survival (advertisements, notices, etc)
(job descriptions, employment contracts, etc.); general texts (newspapers, magazines, travel brochures, etc.) You get an hour to complete both of these reading tasks (50 minutes of reading time and 10 minutes to transfer your answers onto your answer sheet). Both tests include 40 questions in total.
Between IELTS General and IELTS Academic, which is best for you?
Mandeep is applying to get into university in Canada. He wants to study Master of Business at the University of Toronto. Although he has graduated from an English- speaking university in India, the University of Toronto has requested an IELTS test. To be considered for acceptance into the Master’s program, Mandeep will need to complete the Academic IELTS. Kabir is on a Working Holiday visa from India. He has applied for a job with an IT company in Australia. The company has asked for evidence of Kabir’s English ability. Kabir should complete the IELTS Academic.
The scoring system in the IELTS test is band system, and the average score is 6.5 bands where the candidate is measured as a competent user of English language. To score an excellent band, join Finland Academy’s comprehensive IELTS course.
The International faculty at Finland Academy provides the best possible solutions to every problem. Finland Academy is the best IELTS training Center aiming to provide a satisfying and powerful direction to each and every student for whom the sky is the limit.
What did we do?
Ø  Developing high skills and efficiency in all four modules.
Ø  Brushing up the language skills through intensive preparation by our International English
Ø  expert Faculty
Ø  Our focus is not only on preparing you academically but also boost up your confidence
Ø  Interactive environment.
Ø  Our International faculty will provide you with detailed information so that you can choose
Ø  The best for yourself.
Ø  Unique and comprehensive IELTS programme
Ø  Excessive attention to quality teaching.
Ø  International English faculty with a proven success record.
Ø  Exclusive and extensive study material.
Ø  Individual attention.
Ø  Personalized assistance.
Ø  Communicative Language teaching.
Ø  Comprehensive Grammar course for a better understanding of the programme
Ø  Mock tests.
Ø  Test series.
Ø  Consistent evaluation.